Meet James

I’m an artist who loves exploring and an explorer who loves to draw.

I’ve camped on the banks of the Zambezi, tracked lion on foot, and watched elephants pass close by in the moonlight, and I know that every experience one has in Africa’s wilderness is special.

The landscape, light and creatures of Africa have had an undeniable influence on my art, examples of which you can see on these pages, or at

I believe Africa’s wilderness has a healing quality. That’s what takes me back again and again. I’ve made many friends in the safari business and have stayed at many of the most beautiful and luxurious camps.

Through my love of Africa, I have built up an intimate knowledge of the place and what it has to offer. Contact me if you would like to know more about creating your own extra-special safari.



The things I look out for are

  1. Spectacular sightings: Big, well-stocked reserves give you more chance of seeing the big five as well as unusual or rare species.
  2. Privacy and exclusivity: You’re paying a premium to get close to wild animals, and not share sightings with a crowd.
  3. Elegant safari camps: There are many ultra-luxurious camps in busy areas, but in remote areas they’re simpler which can be even nicer – either way, I expect crisp white linen and great food.
  4. Service: Sincerity, and getting the small things right.
  5. Goodwill: Lodges with good people committed to conservation and hospitality are making a great contribution to sustainable wilderness in Africa.