Chem Chem

Views of Lake Manyara & 40 mins drive to Tarangire so you can do both. Very lux camp with private dining & views. Guests adore this camp, more to relax & indulge than hardcore safari. Take a Maasai-guided sunrise run! Hot air balloons, visits to Chem Chem school.


Similar location but simpler camp than Chem Chem, and larger with more family vibe. Tents and lodge rooms, under palms, between Manyara and Tarangire.

Little Chem Chem

Stylish tents, small low-impact camp. On a private reserve so you can walk & horseride – or drive in neighburing national parks. Big tusker elephants, and more a real safari than Chem Chem. Anti-poaching safaris, hot air balloon rides, visits to Chem Chem school.