Tintswalo Safari

Individually themed suites with lots of attention to detail which ends up feeling a tad overdecorated, but you’ll feel very comfortable. Manor House is a private villa.

Honeyguide Mantobeni

Like the other Honeyguide camp, it’s down to earth value, but this camp is a little more contemporary.

Honeyguide Khoka Moya

A down-to-earth tented camp which just does everything right without the frills, and at good rates. Great for kids too.


Kruger National Park is surrounded by the most private luxury safari lodges in Africa – because sightings of all the Big 5 are almost guaranteed, and it’s easy to get there. I’ve spent a lot of time at a friend’s camp in the Sabi Sand, which is the best – animals allow you to get real close, and you can drive off-road to them. Pricier camps are not only more luxurious – a/c, private pools, butlers etc – but also have larger traversing areas. South Africa.