Wolwedans Dune Camp

Recently redone tents are simple and understated but elegant, positioned to take in the vast desert views. Close to Wolwedans’ Dune Lodge & Private Camp. Note that they don’t do excursions to Sossusvlei – they have plenty of their own desert to explore.

Wolwedans Private

Super spacious suites with privacy of an exclusive use villa, in the quiet seclusion of the vast desert valley. Close to Wolwedans Dunes Lodge & Camp. You get to explore the beauty of this reserve but Wolwedans don’t take you over to Sossusvlei as that would take too long – distances in Namibia are big.

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge

A hybrid of tent and permanent building, on stilts with canvas walls, atop a grassed sand dune with views of plains and mountains. Close to Wolwedans’ Dunes Camp & Private Camp. Note that there aren’t excursions to Sossusvlei.

Wolwedans Boulders Safari

Ultimate in this area is exquistely stylish and very remote – some 12 miles from the other Wolwedans camps. Scenic drives and walking bushmen trails, and eBikes are coming. Private bathrooms are a few feet from each tent. Note that you must book 3 nights, and they don’t do excursions to Sossusvlei.

&Beyond Sossusvlei Desert

The serenity! Isolated, elegant camp in desert colours, lots of activities including stargazing. 45 minute drive to the gate to Sossusvlei. Large suites have a/c and fireplaces for the desert extremes.