This is where you get the photo of big tusked elephants with the backdrop of the world's highest free-standing mountain, Kilimanjaro. Easy to reach, and compact enough to be explored in 2 days. Only a few camps to choose from which are mostly on private conservancies neighbouring the park, with a range of levels of luxury. Kenya.
Best time: January - February, and June - September
Access: Charter from Nairobi or other reserves (45 mins) or an easy and picturesque drive from Nairobi (2.5 hrs)

I recommend these camps

Ol Donyo (12 suites) Located on vast Maasai lands between Amboseli & Tsavo, a great conservation success which enables the movements of animals once again across these plains. Views to Kilimanjar from camp. Lots of activities incl mountainbiking & excellent horseriding. Large suites have plunge pools & tar beds on the roof (dry season only!). Chyulu Hills Nature Reserve, Kenya. Member of Great Plains Conservation. Private villa. Child friendly. $$$$$. Read more.
Tortilis (18+2 tents-en-suite) Epic views of Kiimanjaro, friendly camp with Italian style cooking, in own conservacy but with private gate into Amboseli. Private house available. Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Member of Elewana. Private villa. Child friendly. $$$$.
Campi ya Kanzi (8 + 5 tents-en-suite) Views of Kilimanjaro, impressive community programme, quirky design. Kanzi House available as private villa option. Chyulu Hills Nature Reserve, Kenya. Private villa. Child friendly. $$$$$.
Porini Amboseli (12 tents-en-suite) Simple tents in private conservancy alongside Amboseli (animals move freely between), walk with Maasai warriors to their village. Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Member of Porini. $$$.
Satao Elerai (17 tents-en-suite) Closest camp to Kilimanjaro; good combination of private conservancy and access to Amboseli NP, simple but comfortable camp. Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Child friendly. $$$.